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General Columns:

Theory and Practice of Managing the Changes
Creative Economics and Art-Management
Innovations and Economics of Knowledge
Communication and Public Relations
Social and Cultural Studies

Preferred areas and topics include:

 Creative Economy and Sustainable Development
 Economics of Knowledge and Social Innovations
 Creative Technologies in Turbulent Time
 Creative Resources of New Technologies
 Art-Management in Changing World
 Privatization of Risk
 Risk-Management in Crisis Society
 Semiotics of Culture in Transition
 Culture and Social Behavior
 Transformations in Social Visions and Contemporary Education
 Multicultural Transformations in Global Time
 Cross-Cultural Psychology
 Russia as Cultural Crossroads
 Interaction of Traditions and Innovations in Changing Culture
 Multiculturalism and Transformations of Post-Soviet Societies
 Anthropological Strategies for the Development and Survival
 Intercultural Communication and Social Reconciliation
 Public Relations in Creative Economics